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Prayer Request: Please pray for my family

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Please pray for my family (Dec 30, 2011)

Prayer Request:

Please pray for my wife and five children. A few months ago my wife left me taking our five children, all of whom are under 10 years old, and travelled more than 2500km away. Since then, she will not let me have any communication whatsoever with the children and has been falsely accusing me of domestic violence to friends, family, and welfare agencies so she can get assistance and justify her actions. I have also recently learned that she is now involved in witchcraft, drugs, fraud, and prostitution. I am extremely worried for the safety and well being of my children and for her. Please pray for them, my wife's name is Amy, and my children's names are Elias, Emily, Matthew, Benjamin, and Jacob. Please ask GOD and JESUS to put a hedge of protection around them and to keep them safe, and to help Amy realize that her behaviour and lifestyle is permanently damaging our innocent children's lives and minds. Although I can never take my wife back after all the horrible things she's done to me over the last few years, I am willing to forgive her and move on. And so I ask that you pray that she turn her back on the sex, drugs, and witchcraft, and turn towards JESUS CHRIST, and that HE help her to be a proper mother to our children and not endanger them any further. In the name of JESUS CHRIST OUR LORD, AMEN. And please pray that JESUS help me to cope with this terrible situation that I've been placed in, and that soon, I'll get to talk to my children who I love dearly and miss very much, Amen.

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